Vlada Kantona Sarajevo

Poziv medijima za registraciju i pracenje EXPO 2020 sa pozivom na engleskom jeziku i linkovima

Poštovane kolegice i kolege,

na prijedlog ministra privrede Kantona Sarajevo Adnana Delića, koji se trenutno nalazi u Dubaiju, proslijeđujemo Vam izvornu verziju aplikacije za registraciju medija, za one medije koji su zainteresirani za praćenje ovogodišnjeg sajma poduzetništva EXPO 2020 na kojem će, zahvaljujući angažmanu Vlade i Ministarstva privrede KS, aktivno učešće uzeti i bosanskohercegovački poduzetnici.

Srdačan pozdrav,

Služba za protokol i press KS


On behalf of Media Services, Expo 2020 Dubai.

Dear Commissioners General,

As we move closer to our opening date, it is our great pleasure to provide the YouTube URL that is home to Expo 2020 TV: www.expo2020.com/tv

Expo TV will go live at 15:30 Greenwich Mean Time (19:30 Gulf Standard Time) and will begin with hosting our Opening Ceremony on Thursday 30 September, 2021. From then, Expo TV will show programming of Expo on a 24 hour basis.

On each day of Expo, Expo TV will present a two-hour magazine programme, looking back on the previous day’s events and a look forward to what is coming up. Expo TV will feature live footage of each nation’s National Day. The second two hours of programming will feature highlights, segments and features. This four-hour block of programming will repeat across the day and night, ensuring that all time zones are catered for. If your National Day is in the afternoon, this will also be carried live.

We created Expo TV especially for you and we encourage you to embed the YouTube link into your own platforms, as well as sharing it far and wide. Please note, however, that Expo TV was not designed for media organisations – we can provide them with broadcast quality feeds and post-produced material as long as they are accredited with us. For any media organisations in your country who have not yet engaged with us, please ask them to register for our media information system, Tawassul, now so we can provide them with the event-time technical information, satellite coordinates and access to our bespoke systems for media.

Registration for media organisations is here: https://media.expo2020dubai.com/

We would love to have as many media organisations as possible covering the Opening Ceremony. Please help us ensure your country’s media cover the Ceremony by sharing the technical information to take this fee-free content.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you throughout the event.

Kind regards,

Media Services

Expo 2020 Dubai

30.09.2021 - 18:00 do 31.03.2022 - 18:00